Slip and Fall Impact on Athletes – Watching for Cracked Sidewalks

The Olympic Games has its motto that says, “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, which is Latin for “Faster,
Higher, Stronger”.

For athletes, dominating in a track, knocking someone off the ring, or playing well with the ball is a main goal. No athlete has ever trained and worked hard just to place lower than champion. Winning may fuel an athlete’s winning drive. However, we can never deny the fact that even the strongest athlete would slip and fall.

Sidewalks can be generalized to any obstacles an athlete may face during his/her game or the
training. Having these sidewalks is never an exemption – it is a norm to an athlete’s everyday life.

I’ll be sharing some insights on the slip and fall impacts on athletes.

Slips and falls may teach the athlete an important lesson.


There will always be time when a runner would slip and fall, and that is normal. Some falls would result to injuries, minor or major. An athlete may be tasked by his/her trainer to practice running
on anything, it could be a cracked sidewalk, mud, or the smooth running mediums.

When a runner runs on a cracked sidewalk, then he slips and falls, it would teach him/her a
lesson on how to run smoothly the next time. It would also let him/her experience the pain of injuries until it becomes a norm.

The lessons learned in falling would be beneficial to the athlete only if he is determined
enough to overcome obstacles. However, if he fails to see these lessons, then he may lose heart in achieving the goal.

Slips and falls may weigh dreams and pain.


When some rookies slip and fall so bad, they would tend to quit on pursuing their athletic
potential. Some of them would get disheartened and quit. This happens especially when an athlete is being teased and bullied of his fall.

The moment the athlete quits because of these factors, being bullied or flunking the training,
there a great chance that he would miss out the winning felling. It would later cause him/her to fall into a deep regret and might develop hatred to his bullies.

However, there are some rookies who experience those disheartenments who rose from the ashes and dominated their sport. Stories after stories have been published and even translated into motion picture of how underdogs became champions. These people didn’t quit mainly because they weighed their dreams to be heavier than pain.

Slips and falls give the athlete an indomitable spirit.


Having an indomitable spirit is the drive that pushes the boundaries of an individual.
Anyone could have this trait, but it is a trait that every athlete must have. It is the combination of endurance, perseverance, and determination.

Athletes are trained to win the game, and in order to win they need to fight. This indomitable spirit cannot be conceived without having slipped and fell on cracked sidewalks. An athlete must embrace these cracked sidewalks and make them a part of their routine until they no longer slip and fall.

These slip and fall impacts are beneficial to athletes in becoming faster, higher,
and stronger. If athletes don’t learn from their mistakes and let cracked sidewalk cause them to fall, then it will hard for him/her to win gold. It could only be when an athlete wins gold that he/she realizes that overcoming cracked sidewalks are necessary in winning gold.

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About the Italian FootVolley Federation

Born as a midway between Beach Soccer and Beach Volleyball on the Carioca Beach in 1963, FootVolley has for years been a gymnasium for the Brazilian Football Champion; Today it has become a national sport, with a crowd of enthusiasts such that in Brazil have built small stadiums on the beaches.
The complex technical nature of this sport makes it spectacular in the eyes of those who really enjoy playing football and sports in general.
Almost all the great Brazilian champions, even those who have played or still playing in our Serie A have fun summer to play FootVolley and do not hide that this sport has helped them a lot to improve the technique and the games.

Some interesting history of FootVolley, it’s thought to have started as an ancient game called Sepak Takraw.  Fore more information check out this brief history of sepak takraw.

En Italiano:

Nato come via di mezzo tra il Beach Soccer ed il Beach Volley sulle spiagge Carioca nel 1963,il FootVolley è ormai da anni palestra della tecnica del palleggio per i Campioni Brasiliani; oggi è diventato uno sport nazionale, con un’ audience di appassionati tale che in Brasile hanno costruito piccoli stadi sulle spiagge.
La complessa tecnicità di questo sport lo rende spettacolare agli occhi di chi ama davvero il gioco del Calcio e lo sport in genere.
Quasi tutti i grandi campioni brasiliani, anche quelli che hanno militato o che militano ancora nella nostra serie A si divertono l’estate a giocare a FootVolley e non nascondono che questo sport li ha aiutati molto a migliorare la tecnica e le giocate.